Tutorial I – Account setup and first steps

This is part one of our new tutorial series. Throughout the next weeks we will demonstrate how to use each module as well as the concepts behind them. We will start with:

  • the registration process
  • account settings
  • the workspace concept
  • how to invite your team members
In addition to the Tutorial series here on this blog, we will also cover CAMPR on our YouTube channel.

Registration and Account settings

As we are still in beta, you can currently use the beta-tab on the homepage to set up your account. During the beta stage the tool will be available to its full extend and for free. Once we will approach the alpha stage, your account can be transferred. After filling out the registration form, you will receive an E-Mail including your password and an activation link (the activation link is only valid for 24h). Once you activate your account through the link, your workspace will be generated and you will receive another E-Mail once it is ready to use.

NFirst, go to your account settings and set up your user account. You can add a profile picture, change your user name and link your social media accounts. Those will be visible to your project coworkers in the organization module.

In your account settings, you can also change your password and enable Two Factor Authentication. Before enabling the 2FA please make sure you have an authenticator App such as “Google Authenticator” on your smartphone to scan the QR-Code. You will not be able to access your account later on without scanning the QR-Code in this step.

You can change your password and even activate Two-Factor-Authentication in your account settings

Workspace overview

You can consider a workspace as a virtual conference room, where you’re able to work with certain project teams. On the one hand it can be used for easily structure your project landscape and dedicated teams. On the other side this concept improves the security of your data in CAMPR by having a safe container structure for the database on the backend.

Once you created your account and log in for the first time you will find yourself in the “workspace overview”:

A new beta account will only contain one Beta workspace. As you use the tool more and more, your WS overview will look more like this.

On the left [1], you will find a list of the workspaces you are owning and on the right [2] a list of all workspaces that you’re invited to. On the top, you find [3] your account settings, a menu to manage your workspaces and the logout.

Entering the workspace

Once you enter a workspace by clicking on “LOGIN”, you will find a dashboard providing an overview of the projects in the workspace. You will only be able to see those you have an active role in. In the bottom you will see your tasks that were edited most recently.

The info cards on your workspace dashboard allow you to get a quick overview over status and responsibility of the project and let you keep track of your recent tasks. Clicking on the name of a project or task will lead you directly to the dashboard of the project respectively the task overview. If you are admin of the workspace, you are also able to create a new project here.

Project Dashboard

The project dashboard offers a complete overview of the selected project. You have [1] the project summary and schedule, [2] an overview of the the latest tasks and [3] the status of the tasks at hand. The top menu allows you to switch between German and English [4] (more languages will follow as soon as we finish our beta test), switch color themes (dark/light) and manage your account or go back to the workspace area.

On the very left you find the navigation menu for all CAMPR modules. Throughout this series we will cover all of our 16 modules – here in our blog, but also on our YouTube channel.

Inviting your project team members

CAMPR is a communication platform for your projects. You can invite additional members either through the admin section (which we will cover later in the series) or more easily through the organization module. Click on “invite member to workspace” and enter a valid e-mail address of your new team member and she/he will be able to set up her/his account. Once the new member activates the account, she/he will be automatically part of your project, shown in the organization module.

In the organization module, you can also allocate roles and department within the project and ultimately create an organigram. You will learn more about it in the next blog.

This concludes part one of our tutorial series. If you have questions or suggestions, you are welcome to leave a comment or contact us via E-Mail or on one of our social media channels. You can find a list of those in the bottom of the article and if you have made it this far: Thank you for the read! 🙂


In Part II, we will dive deeper into the modules of the tool. We will start our own project, assemble a team around us and start the scheduling. The modules that will be covered are:

  • Organization
  • Phases&Milestones
  • Task Management


Share CAMPR with your associates, coworkers, friends, family or pets, so they can try our beta!

Create your own project and invite your coworkers or friends to join or simply check out one of our preset projects representing three different project sizes:

  • the company anniversary, a small scale project only lasting about two weeks
  • the machine relocation, the medium sized project involving more project members and a wider variety of functions
  • the “welcome to CAMPR”-project, illustrating the use of a PMI structure in your project.

If you find anything you would like to add, improve, simply doesn’t work the way it is supposed to be or have a general feedback for us, you can simply share it in our feedback section. We are also open to your suggestions on new features or even new modules that would fit into your project management realm.

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