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Welcome to CAMPR | precise project management

MS-Project timelines, an endless spreadsheet jungle with multiple versions of every shared file, open item lists that were shared after meetings, but ultimately peter out. The project management world has many faces and as freelance project managers, we have seen many. One reason we started CAMPR was to make proven standards more available. To us the best solution seemed a project management tool that offers an all-in-one solution including:

  • standardized processes in accordance to PMI/GPM
  • intuitive design
  • web-based
  • Risk management
  • Automated reporting

We now opened the gates to the public in our open beta. Feel free to sign up here


In the past 20 years, we managed many international projects all over the world and experienced teams struggling working well together because the software infrastructure did not allow them to. After trying out pretty much every PM-software the market had to offer by 2016, we decided enough is enough – and started discussing how the tool we wanted to work with should look. The discussions quickly led to a first drafts. As freelance PMs you need to be able to be as flexible as possible. For the work after working hours, our campers served as our mobile offices and therefore also where our software ideas were discussed – CAMPR was born!

The ideas and drafts soon developed into a framework for the software. Including an organization feature as well as task management and a Gantt-chart were no-brainers and provided the base for CAMPR. Additionally, we wanted to offer what we considered most crucial in terms of project success and productivity:


  • Risk management, to avoid letting situations get out of hand as well as finding the right path to reach the projects true potential. Often working in task forces helping to rescue projects on the verge of failing made us realize that this is the keys to successful project management.
  • The RASCI Matrix is a responsibility matrix by PMI standard. RASCI stands for Responsible, Accountable, Supportable, Consulted, and Informed. Besides managing the roles project members play in certain tasks, it also allows a better overview in task management and facilitates cross-departmental cooperation.
  • A comprehensive module to manage your meetings. Meeting invitations, minutes, resulting to do’s and decision templates managed and distributed from one place. Productivity.
  • Last not least is a standardized and quick reporting. Status reports should contain the same information every period in order to be comparable. The reporting function in CAMPR takes a the current status of the project and allows you to download or send off the report as a PDF file. A simple feature that potentially saves a great deal of time.


We found a software developer that was able to convert our framework into an actual tool, but so far, everything we created was based on our what we felt necessary for our prefered project management style and conversations with colleagues. There was no quantifiable data yet that we could use to have our feelings validated or get a larger idea of what project managers and CEOs actually need. We started contacting PMs and managing directors and managed to get a great response rate on our survey. It helped us not only to come to the conclusion that we were on the right track, but also helped us finding additional information on the project landscape we were dealing with.

After month of development, testing and company building, we are finally at a stage to be able to let people test our creation. During the CAMPR beta you will be able to test the full version for free!

Start your own project and invite your coworkers and friends to join you! You can also check out one of our preset projects that represent three different project sizes:

  • the company anniversary, a small scale project only lasting about two weeks,
  • the machine relocation, the medium sized project involving more project members and a wider variety of functions
  • “welcome to CAMPR”-project, illustrating the use of a PMI structure in your project.


Did you find a bug or anything that does not work the way it is supposed to? Did you like or dislike something particular or just have a general feedback? We implemented a feedback area for all of your wishes, praises and concerns! We also have an open ear to your suggestions on new features or even new modules that would fit into your project management realm!


Find out more on https://www.campr.biz and check out our other channels


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