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CAMPR Tutorial

New to CAMPR? Need a little guidance? This is the place for you! We are currently working on a tutorial solution inside the tool, butf or now let this be your guide on how to start using CAMPR. You will learn how to:

  • set up your own workspace
  • start a project with your team
  • use CAMPR more efficiently using the admin tool

I will not cover every module or explain its background. You can find out about how the tool is build here.

How to set up your own workspace?

Setting up an account and workspace is as simple as anywhere else. All you need to do is a valid e-mail address. You will receive an activation link and a notification that your workspace is now available. NOTE: you can not access your workspace with a non-activated account.

How to set up a project?

Set up a new project directly on your dashboard by clicking “NEW PROJECT +”. Our project creation wizard will help you choose the suitable modules for your project after feeding him the basic information such as duration, budget and strategic meaning.

What’s next?

Invite additional members of your project team in the organization tab, create project phases and start assigning work packages to your team. You can set up a an organogram arranged by department, role and team. For larger projects we suggest setting up the project contract first and generally following a more standardized project management process. CAMPRs intuitive design allows you to use the tool without a long introduction.

NOTE: the team member you are inviting should accept their invitation within 24 hours. Otherwise the invitation to the project will have to be resent.

By now you should be familiar with the CAMPR basics and will be able to use CAMPR for your project. But the tool can do even more! Let’s take a look at the admin-section.

Make it your own!

NOTE: you can access the admin section here.

You will already find various preset departments, labels, roles and more, but you can also further individualize the software. Your changes can be of cosmetic nature such as changing company or department names, but also of a productivity nature:

  • manage user accounts
  • manage color coding of tasks
  • add programs and project portfolios
  • add new teams and roles for a better overview in larger projects
  • add cost groups and types
  • edit durations and times of phases, milestones and tasks
The admin section

There are many more functions to explore the CAMPR admin section allowing you to set everything up according to company or industry standards. How a project in the tool can look can be seen in the preset workspaces you will find when creating a beta account. To demonstrate to possibilities our tool provides, we created three different projects of different scope and size: the company anniversary, a small scale project only lasting about two weeks, the machine relocation, the medium sized project involving more project members and a wider variety of functions as well as the “WELCOME TO CAMPR”-project, illustrating the use of a PMI structure in your project.

Your feedback matters!

If you find anything you would like to add, improve, simply doesn’t work the way it is supposed to be or have a general feedback for us, you can simply share it in our feedback section. We are also open to your suggestions on new features or even new modules that would fit into your project management realm!

Find out more on https://www.campr.biz and check out our other channels

Twitter: https://twitter.com/campr_pm

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/campr-pm/

IndieHackers: https://www.indiehackers.com/product/campr