Advance your Project Management Advance your Project Management

Advance your Project Management

You are looking for a new project management tool? Do the following criteria fit your organization?

  • located primarily in Europe
  • running decentralized projects
  • your current software infrastructure is not ideal (does not allow you to reach a maximum of efficiency)

Then CAMPR might be for you! Designed by project managers as a platform to exchange project information in real time, CAMPR is the ideal tool for your project management realm. So far, CAMPR consist of 16 modules, based on the knowledge area of the classic PM approach. The modules cover basics such as organization, scheduling and task management, but also advanced aspects such as risk management and an automated reporting system. More details about the modules can be found here.

You are welcome to test CAMPR and see if it is a fit for your company. Sign up for a beta test on https://campr.biz/beta.

The package


As pilot customer, you get access to the full version of our software. You can choose to either use the cloud-version (hosted on servers in Germany) or host it on your own servers. Throughout the usage of CAMPR we will be available at any time to support and help you with any CAMPR-related question. This will give us the input we need to further improve our tool while your project process remains running smoothly.

You get to use the full extend of the software for free and we get an extensive beta test.


One pillar of our business model is consulting. We have experienced project managers in our team who will support your team during:

  • kick-off
  • project run time
  • project close out
  • lessons learned


CAMPR adapts to your organization’s standards. Whether you need a special reporting system, implementation of time proven documents or data storage – we will implement it for you!

For more information on our consulting and customizing offer please check our service section.

Our project managers:

Christoph Pohl

  • PMP
  • SCRUM Master
  • More than 20 years experience in large-scale project, mainly Germany, South-Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America
  • certified Quality Manager ISO9001
  • certified Project Manager by TÜV
  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/pohlchristoph/

Manuel Weiler

  • PMP
  • 10 years PM experience in large-scale projects in Germany, China, Romania and the United States
  • Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Interested? Send us an E-Mail to info@campr.biz or reach out to us on our social media accounts.

If you find anything you would like to add, improve, simply doesn’t work the way it is supposed to be or have a general feedback for us, you can simply share it in our feedback section. We are also open to your suggestions on new features or even new modules that would fit into your project management realm!

Find out more on https://www.campr.biz and check out our other channels

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